Do You Need A Lawyer For Workers’ Comp Settlement In Massachusetts?

Do You Need A Lawyer For Workers’ Comp Settlement In Massachusetts?

Not every workers’ comp case is created equal. Some settlements can be finalized without getting any lawyers involved. The worker compensation system is administrative, it is meant to allow employees to get compensated in the easiest way possible, but this isn’t always the case.Workers Compensation Lawyer in Essex County MA

If your claim is straightforward and the insurance company and your employer don’t dispute it, then you might make do without hiring a lawyer. However, the more complex a case gets, the more important it is to hire a lawyer.

When Hiring A Lawyer Isn’t Necessary

If the kind of injury you suffer is so minor that it heals fast with quick treatment, you might get a settlement without a lawyer. Most employers and insurance companies won’t dispute cases that:

  • Involve injuries that can clearly be linked back to work
  • Don’t result in permanent injury
  • Don’t require extensive medical treatment
  • Don’t keep you away from work for a long time.

Case in point, if you injure your ankle at your office’s break room, the case might be quite easy to handle. Your doctor might order you to take pain relievers, ice your ankle, and stay away from work for a few days. If you work a desk job, such an injury might not keep you away from work for long. Besides, it can continue healing as you get back to work.

When Should You Hire A Lawyer?

If you ever get into a dispute with the insurance company about the right compensation for your injury, lawyer up. To argue out your case, you will need to gather enough evidence. The evidence-gathering process might involve requesting an independent medical examination, taking depositions, and hiring expert witnesses. Without the necessary skill or legal knowledge, you could easily stumble when collecting evidence. Hire a lawyer if:

  • Your claim is denied – a lawyer will help you appeal this decision to get you compensated.
  • Your permanent disability rating is disputed – A lawyer will help you avoid getting lowballed by what the insurance company perceives as your permanent disability rating. This increases your chances of receiving a better settlement.
  • You have a pre-existing condition – Since the insurance company could argue that your injury arose from this condition instead of workplace injury, a lawyer will help you gather evidence and argue out your case.
  • You are struggling to get the treatment you need – insurance agencies might be reluctant to fund your treatment as the lawsuit is ongoing. A good lawyer will help speed things up for you.

You Deserve To Be Fairly Compensated

Insurance agencies will do their best to save as much cash as possible in your settlement claim. It might be easy to miss their cheeky strategies if you have untrained eyes. Hiring a lawyer gives you a fighting chance. Reach out to us today for a free workers compensation consultation or to hire a reputable lawyer. To answer the question Do You need a lawyer for workers’ comp settlement in Massachusetts, Call Us at 978-275-1919.

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