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Our areas of concentration

We are a premier law firm comprised of five attorneys who each share background, education, experience and training in specific areas of the law. Depending on your particular need, our attorneys may concentrate in one or more of the following areas featured in greater detail on this website: Family Law, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Bankruptcy, Civil Litigation, Elder Services and Estate Planning.

The people of Todd D. Beauregard, P.C.

Our firm’s most valuable resource is the talented people who work at our firm, but who work for you. With four Associate Attorneys lead by the owner, Todd D. Beauregard, Esq., our entire staff is trained to keep you well informed, while certain of our attorney’s talent are matched to suit your needs. Ours is a firm where every member works as a team to meet our client’s expectations for professional legal guidance.

Background – Education – Experience – Training

Within the legal community, our law firm is well known as a group of ethical professionals that aggressively pursue our client’s desired results. Our attorney profiles explain the expansive pool of legal talent we offer.

About our website

Every situation is as unique as one’s fingerprint. In the context of this website, there is no rational way to provide an answer to the infinite questions that arise during a legal representation. This website strives to provide our clients general information only. None of the content should be construed to disseminate legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney client relationship. If you have any questions or comments related to this website, contact our office to discuss any unintended error or omission, user-friendliness, or any suggestion for its improvement.

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