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The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard PC
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 by Christopher Keating

I have a depth of gratitude to all at Todd D. Beauregard Law Office. Thank you. The dedication / intelligence / understanding / professionalism found here in this Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard is top level. I would recommend them to anyone needing expert counsel. This team will fight for you.

 by Anonymous

Working with Shauna Finnegan was a pleasure. She helped me so much with my case ! She answered all my question in a way that I understood . She always returned my phone calls in a reasonable time . Sweet personality and very caring about my situation with my work place. She also reached out to me by email or text in a very reasonable time . I will recommend her to my friends and family for sure if ever they are in need of a attorney! I never met her in person but through all our contacts at the end I feel like I have made a friend ! She’s a hard worker and a general sweet kind caring human being!

 by David Hill

I was seriously injured on the job in 2015. I wasn't sure how this would affect my life going forward. I was referred to Todd Beauregard law office through a co-worker at my place of employment in Billerica Ma. I was out of work 18 months. After speaking with attorney Heather Riley and attorney Beauregard they took my case and the worker's comp. That was settled Rather smoothly. Then it was time to hold the property owner and Business owners in P-town Massachusetts.. that was a lengthy process However every attorney including Shauna Finnegan, attorney Mrs Beauregard and Terry invested an enormous amount of time to my satisfaction on both case's. We finally wrapped up this case Monday, September 27. I am grateful to have had all the Attorney's in this law office dedicate many,many hours on both case's that we have settled... Very friendly, professional and consistency, attention to detail throughout the entire process on both case's. I would certainly without hesitation recommend this law office and their dedicated Attorney's. I am very Happy with the results on both case's. Thank You!

 by Stephanie

I had chosen to have my second little one at Lowell General Hospital due to it being closer to where my husband, I, and son moved. While I was there, I had an awful time trying to get my little girl to latch just like I had with my son. The biggest difference is that the hospital I had my son at was right there every time. Lowell nurses were not. I had a c-section, hadn't been up yet, drenched in sweat, struggling for over an hour trying to grow 4 more hands to help my girl latch. I was so upset she was so hungry. The nurse finally came in after I had already asked for help an hour ago. Because of the hormones, horrible experience trying to latch, the pain I was in, and the melt down I had, the hospital decided to "red flag" me. For no reason at all. The social worker came in the next day as well as a psych nurse while at my most vulnerable moment and attacked me verbally after looking into my records and assuming I was coping with controlled substances that were prescribed to me. I had stopped those certain medications as I didn't want my girl withdrawing from them. The urine test and toxicity send out test also confirmed this. But they still proceeded to open up a case with DCF. I have never felt so depleted and lied to in my life. We instantly called Deonee High and I can't tell you how lucky and how much she means to us. Not only is she knowledgeable and experienced on both the DCF side and the "victims" side, but she truly cares to help. She came all the way out to where we live from Lowell just to be here and guide us in every conversation with DCF. She even cared so much that she wanted to hold our little newborn and adored her. Every question we had was answered, she was diligent on pushing DCF as much as possible, and never delayed in her responses. She also researched AHEAD OF TIME more than I would have ever expected a lawyer to do. She continually was doing risk analysis in her head for future possibilities and I felt confident and prepared as long as she was involved. Deonee is incredible, extremely caring, and will get her feet wet on both sides of the puddle so she understands it all. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Deonee!!

Steph, the husband, and the two kiddos

 by Michael Mousseau

When I was injured at work and the IA board denied my claim I wasn't sure where to turn. I found the number for Todd Beauregard through a google search of workman's comp lawyers near me. When I called I spoke with Attorney Shauna Finnegan who after researching and interviewing her on her experience decided to have her represented me. Shauna immediately made me feel undaunted and at ease that she could handle settling my case with her knowledge of the Industrial Accident system and legal process in which one needs to navigate to settle claims. My case was settled not only to my satisfaction but then some! I highly recommend Shauna to anyone in need of help. I cant state enough how excellent she was at responding to my questions and concerns by phone calls/emails and always keeping me informed with updates on the progress of my claim. Thank You again SHauna for everything and best wishes. Mike

 by Jennilyn Ludescher

To say Attorney Deonee High was the best would be an understatement! I hired her to handle a harassment case in April of 2021, and not only was she able to take my case that was in two weeks, but she also did the most wonderful job and was well prepared. She was professional while also being easy to work with and comforting considering the circumstances. She was prompt, firm, and intelligent, which I believe is the reason why I got the outcome I desired. While I hope I do not require legal services anytime soon, if I do, I will rest easy having Deonee represent me!

 by A Google User

Happy Holidays! I just want to make sure you know that Amber Kovach is a very professional, caring & dedicated worker. She is right on top of everything and knows the importance of deadlines and critical timing. I feel that Amber is truly an asset to this firm. She knows how to do her job proficiently. Amber Kovach makes you feel that she really is on your side, fighting for your rights in an empathetic and professional manner. She is not afraid to “get her feet wet”, offering all possible avenues to help your sensitive situation. She is not only a great listener, but she makes you feel assured when you do not understand certain legalities, which quite often is frightening and also a feeling of uncertainty and hopelessness. This special nurturing way about her is a special quality that will only enhance people’s trust in her for the present and future of her clients. It is a comforting feeling to know that someone is actually listening. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and in this day and age especially, it is nice to know that you can just pick up the phone and know you actually have someone who will listen to you and treat you like a real person, not just another paycheck. Thanks for going above and beyond and knowing that we have you in our corner. This recognition should not go unnoticed!! I wish more people could be like Amber Kovach in her approach to just do her best to help people get through life’s little bumps in the road. Respectfully Thankful, Kathleen Neault

 by Dot Richards

My son, who is in the Navy hired Todd Beauregard to represent him in a personal injury case. Since my son was out of the area most of the time, my son signed a form that I could work with the office of his behalf. Everyone I dealt with in the office was very professional and kept us in the loop every step of the way. My son was happy with the outcome and how Todd made him feel at ease with the process. Would definitely do business with them again if the need arises.

 by Greg Carragher

Todd and his office got me everything I asked for. I am a disabled man with two young children getting a divorce. Todd asked me at the beginning what I wanted from the divorce and I actually got everything I asked for. Including my children more than 50% of the time and I got to keep the house. I feel comfortable right from the start because of all the great recommendations I got for him and also meeting with all the people in the office.

I don’t know what position my life would look like right now if I didn’t go with Todd. Every time I had a question I got an immediate answer. Every time I had a worry he made me feel at ease.

I would recommend Todd in his office to anybody going to a divorce. I it was the best decision that I made during these tough times.

 by Ronald M

I was in need of a family law expert immediately and I didn’t know where to start from, but after a few google searches and multiple calls to different law firms who could not accommodate my case in that short amount of time, The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard P.C said yes to me. Attorney Todd Beauregard and the team at Todd D. Beauregard P.C worked very hard on my case beginning in the District Court all the way to the Probate & Family Court. I had the “Justice League” on my side – Attorney Beauregard, his associate Attorney Talbot and Paralegals Kathleen and Anabela, very knowledgeable in their respective rolls, were straight forward and applied the law to build a strong foundation for my case. I liked that they listened to me and gave good me counsel; they responded to my questions promptly be it in person, by phone or email; they acted in a professional manner and were always courteous. Attorney Todd Beauregard has over 18 years of experience and I tell you experience counts, because you won’t have to waste time and most importantly money over petty issues. Attorney Todd Beauregard was always on time and prepared for court. I would highly recommend Attorney Todd Beauregard and The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard P.C to any one without reservation. I appreciate all that Attorney Todd Beauregard and The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard P.C have done for me.

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