Workers Compensation Laws in Massachusetts

Workers’ Compensation Laws in Massachusetts Massachusetts laws, regulations, cases, and web sources on workers’ compensation law by the Trial Court Law Libraries in MA. Workers’ compensation lawyer for Boston Massachusetts Resource: The hub for Massachusetts information on worker’s compensation, including content for workers, employers, attorneys and more. How to file a claim, Dept. of […]

Workers Compensation Benefits in Massachusetts

Types of Workers Compensation Benefits in Massachusetts Find out the types of workers compensation benefits in Massachusetts you may be eligible for, how much you can collect, and for how long. Temporary total incapacity benefits Who qualifies? You qualify if your injury or illness leaves you unable to work for 6 or more full or […]

Can You Be Fired While On Workers’ Comp In Massachusetts?

Can You Be Fired While On Workers’ Comp In Massachusetts? Answer: Yes, you can be fired or released from work by your employer while still on workers’ compensation in Massachusetts. However, you should still continue to receive compensation benefits as long as you continue to qualify for them. Qualification is dependent on your health and […]

New 2021 Child Support Guidelines in Massachusetts

2021 Child Support Guidelines These Child Support Guidelines supersede any previous Guidelines and are effective October 4, 2021. The 2021 Child Support Guidelines worksheet is currently not fillable – meaning the new four-page form must be calculated by hand. A fillable form is in the works. These child support guidelines shall take effect on October […]

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