Can You Be Fired While On Workers’ Comp In Massachusetts?

Can You Be Fired While On Workers’ Comp In Massachusetts? Answer: Yes, you can be fired or released from work by your employer while still on workers’ compensation in Massachusetts. However, you should still continue to receive compensation benefits as long as you continue to qualify for them. Qualification is dependent on your health and […]

New 2021 Child Support Guidelines in Massachusetts

2021 Child Support Guidelines These Child Support Guidelines supersede any previous Guidelines and are effective October 4, 2021. The 2021 Child Support Guidelines worksheet is currently not fillable – meaning the new four-page form must be calculated by hand. A fillable form is in the works. These child support guidelines shall take effect on October […]

Wrongful Death from Covid-19 in MA

Wrongful Death from Covid-19 in Massachusetts According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over 400,000 deaths are attributed to Covid-19 in America since January 2021. Over 14,000 of these deaths took place in Massachusetts. These statistics are revealing because logically, some if not many of these deaths may be caused by negligence.  […]

Front Line Workers Compensation Rights for Covid-19 in Massachusetts

Front Line Workers Rights – Covid-19 in MA Essential and front-line workers can attest they are hit hard by Covid-19 in Massachusetts. Coping with this unprecedented time in history is a challenge for everyone around the globe. However, essential workers are particularly struggling from the pandemic.  Front line workers’ compensation rights must be understood so […]

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