Contract Covid 19 at Work in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Covid 19 Cases in the Workplace

Testing positive for Covid 19 is shocking and frightening. Will you suffer life-long side effects from the disease? Could it be fatal? How will it affect your family? Your family and loved ones need to be protected medically and financially. Finding out you contracted Covid 19 at work can bring about a whole series of new emotions and many questions and emotions come into play: anger, betrayal, feeling without value. If you were infected and contracted Covid 19 at work in Massachusetts, you need an experienced workers compensation lawyer like Todd Beauregard.

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Covid and The Law in Massachusetts

Because the worldwide Covid pandemic is an unprecedented event in the last 100 years, the law around the disease is in a state of flux. What is or is not permitted in the workplace can change overnight. At the same time, the long-term health effects of a Covid infection are uncertain. This is why it is important to contact a lawyer that is experienced in Covid 19 related cases and let them guide you through the legal situation.

If you contracted Covid at work, you need to determine if this was misfortune or the result of your employer’s negligence in order to determine your legal strategy for compensation. At the same time, you need to protect yourself from employers and others offering you compensation while you are still dealing with the shock and fright of testing positive, and fear of what the future might bring.

On top of the unsettled nature of Covid infection, you might encounter an employer who does not accept your claims or refuses to accept your judgement while an appeal is pending, leaving you without any benefits. Or what if you recover from the illness, apparently healthy, and so receive little or no settlement at all? What can you do if you suffer debilitating side effects later on?

Experienced Lawyer in an Unprecedented Time

The long-term effects of the Covid virus are largely unknown. If you should contract it at work, you need the skill and expertise of an experienced pandemic lawyer on your side. Don’t get taken advantage of by an employer or insurance company, hoping to settle quickly. Todd Beauregard has years of experience and the tenacity to fight for you, so you and your family are properly compensated. Get in touch with his offices today by dialing 978-275-1919.


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