Commuter Rail Train – MBTA Accidents Lawyer in Massachusetts

Commuter Rail Train – MBTA Accidents & Lawsuits in Massachusetts

Surprising to many, Boston MBTA was rated one of the best transit systems in the United States. However, surprised or not, it has had its share of break downs and accidents in recent months. Can the  MBTA be the best while at the same time be the absolute worst?

Oldest Transit System in the US

The MBTA says on their website, “While Boston is the birthplace of American liberty, it is also the birthplace of American mass transportation.” Boston’s transportation system started back in the 1630s. They had a ferry system between Boston, Chelsea, and Charlestown. In 1897, America’s first subway came along. Boston’s subway set the standard for every system across the country thereafter.

Which Explains the Many Infrastructure Issues.

Thanks to track repairs, months of shuttle busing and aging signal systems. There are needed bridge repairs and 80-years old Mattapan trolley cars also in continuous need of repair. And, of course, when cars break down during the long cold winters, tracks become impassable. In fact, commutes then become doubled or tripled in length.

MBTA Serves Much of Boston

One of the primary reasons for the high rating is the great number of people who actually use it. Each year, 390 million rides, with 34% of commuters primarily relying on the system. This is the 5th highest in the country. It Is could greatly benefit Roxbury, Dorchester, and Hyde Park as they have no easy access to underground transit. Instead, these areas must rely on very long bus commutes.

The MBTA Brakes for Animals

Nobody will ever forget the Kenmore cat. Back in ’09 the stray can Ken decided to make the Kenmore station his home. The staff of MBTA kept constant vigilance. They attempted to catch the cat and finally caught him months after his appearance. He was eventually adopted by a trolley operator.

But Not Always for People

People can laugh about the Runaway Train story of 2015 only because on this one occasion no trains were damaged, and no people were hurt. That is not the case wherein early August of this year a man fell onto the train tracks at State Street was struck and killed by an Orange Line train. Witnesses state that the man seems very unsteady on his feet.

The Transit Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office are still investigating this tragedy.

In regard to this tragedy and the others that have occurred, it is important to say something if you see anything at all. In fact, to keep everyone safe on the MBTA, your ears and eyes are the most valuable tools.

  • To report an incident or and emergency dial 911 or call the Transit Police as 617-222-1212.
  • To make anonymous reports 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, download Android or iPhone MBTA See Say app.
  • Text tips to 873-873 during regular business hours.
  • To speak directly with Transit Police dispatch, use the emergency call boxes on every train and in every station.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an MBTA Accidents, do not hesitate to contact the MBTA injury attorneys at the Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard, PC.

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