Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Worcester MA

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Worcester MA

Why You Need a Lawyer

With a few exceptions, employers in Worcester Massachusetts are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. If you get ill or injured in the course of doing your work, your employer’s insurance carrier will pay the compensation assuming that your claim is accepted. There are many reasons why you may want to hire a workers compensation lawyer.

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Workers compensation lawyer in Worcester MA

Navigating through Legislation

Massachusetts worker’s compensation laws can be complicated, especially if you do not have the knowledge or experience to deal with the issues that may arise. There are several ways an attorney can help.

  • Notifying Your Employer: You need to notify your employer of the accident or illness on time. Failure to do this and you could fail to get the compensation you seek. It is also advisable to consider doing it in writing as it is easier to refer to whenever there is a dispute.
  • Dealing with Insurance Representatives: Insurance companies can decide to diminish the value of your claim. Without proper knowledge of the workers’ compensation laws in Worcester, MA, it will be difficult to counter their claims. An experienced workers compensation attorney should be able to put together a case and challenge the insurance company whenever it tries to reduce your claim.
  • Choosing Options: In Massachusetts, the worker’s compensation benefits will depend on the nature of the injury. You will receive compensation in weekly wages as well as other expenses such as a percentage of your weekly wages and medical expenses. An attorney can advise you on the best options. For example, you can either receive structured payments or a lump sum. This usually happens in total permanent disability or permanent partial disability where the employer may be required to settle with the injured employee. Not only can a lawyer provide reliable advice but will be there to negotiate on your behalf.

Preparing Evidence

  • Paperwork: To avoid having your claim denied you’ll need to prepare the necessary paperwork on time. You’ll sign claim forms and your employer will deliver the forms to the insurance carrier. You need to have medical records and other necessary documentation if you want to avoid having your claims denied. An attorney can help you put together the necessary documents that you need to make the claim as you take time to rest, so that you can be back to work.
  • Time and convenience: A lawyer can help put together all the paperwork on time. Even though you have four years to file for worker’s compensation in Worcester, MA, you need to start the process as soon as possible. Your lawyer understands the process and will follow up the case for you as you concentrate on getting better.

The Appeal

In case your case is denied you can file an appeal. In Massachusetts, the appeal process has several stages including conciliation, conference, hearing, and other appeals that may follow. An experienced attorney can help you avoid having your appeal denied which will only drag the case for longer as you wait to receive compensation for your illness or injury.

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