Workers Compensation Lawyer Wakefield MA

Workers Compensation Lawyer Wakefield


There are few things in this world harder than that dealing with the aftermath of a work related injury. Even “minor” accidents which at first seem like no big deal can linger on and become long term issues. If you have suffered any such incident on the job, the smart thing to do would be to set up a consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Wakefield, MA like Todd Beauregard. His offices can be contacted by dialing 978-275-1919.

Workers compensation lawyer in Wakefield MA

Workers Compensation in Massachusetts


Legal situations involving workplace injuries are dealt with by the Department of Industrial Accidents Courthouse in Massachusetts. There are five locations which oversee these cases. For Wakefield residents, the Boston office is the closest. More information including their address, operating hours, phone number and driving directions can be found by visiting their website.

Understanding the circumstances under which you might need to attain the council of a skilled and qualified Wakefield workers’ compensation lawyer is crucial to making sure that you and your families’ best interests are looked out for. In some cases, your doctor might recommend surgery due to the severity of the injuries. In others, it may be that you will never return to the physical condition that you were in before the accident.

There are also a number of reasons that you may be forced to partner up with an attorney because of the actions of your employer or the insurance companies. They may refuse to pay a fair compensation for your suffering and pain. They may appeal the decision of the court in an effort to delay or wear you down to the point where you accept an offer which is lower that what you are entitled to. Regardless of the exact reason, this is no time to give in.

Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer


For so many people who have already had the misfortune of suffering an injury on the job, their struggles are only compounded when they are forced to deal with hard-nosed employers or insurance companies who try to avoid doing the right thing. Let Wakefield, MA workers’ compensation lawyer Todd Beauregard make sure that they don’t get away with it. Contact his offices today at 978-275-1919.

Reviewer: Emily

“I had carpel tunnel from a job that was repetitive motion and finally couldnt do it anymore. We needed more assistance for the job I was doing and needed to have a rotational schedule. My employer didnt see it that way so I had to go to the hospital. This law office got me compensated for time lost and medical bills.”

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