Workers Compensation Lawyer Stoneham MA

Workers Compensation Lawyer Stoneham


Unfortunately, one of the most common legal situations that arise in our country is that of someone suffering an injury on the job and being forced to deal with companies that are trying to avoid paying a fair settlement to them. This can hinder everything from their medical care and recovery to providing for their family. Stoneham, MA workers’ compensation lawyer Todd Beauregard is all too familiar with these tactics and has been fighting them for years in court. Give him a call at 978-275-1919 to find out how he can help you with your case.

Workers compensation lawyer in Stoneham MA


Workers Compensation Laws in Stoneham MA


The laws regarding compensation for workers who have been injured or even killed on the job are very clear. However, that doesn’t mean that these cases can’t be appealed or go through a long legal process. That’s why you need an experienced and skilled Stoneham workers’ compensation lawyer to handle your situation for you.

These cases are heard at the Department of Industrial Accidents Courthouse. With five locations across the state, the Boston office is closest to local Stoneham residents. Specific details, including their address, phone number, hours and directions can be found by visiting them online.

Those laws which concern financial restitution for injured workers guarantee such basic compensation as covering financial losses, both present and future, for injuries which were sustained while at work. They also provide reimbursement for medical bills and treatment, as well as benefits made to the families of employees who have died as a result of the accident.

When insurance providers or the company itself fail to provide a settlement which properly takes care of these issues, it may be necessary to enlist the help of someone who has the years and the knowledge necessary to take on these stubborn corporations and get you what you deserve.

Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer


When you are dealing with stonewalling insurance companies or employers who refuse to do right by someone who was hurt while working for them, you need the services of an equally tough workers’ compensation lawyer in Stoneham MA. That lawyer is Todd Beauregard. He and his team of legal experts can be reached by dialing 978-275-1919 today.

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