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Workers Compensation Lawyer in Pelham New Hampshire

Todd D. Beauregard is a worker’s compensation lawyer serving clients in Pelham New Hampshire. Attorney Beauregard understands that most employers and employees in NH are covered when it comes to work-related injuries. However filing a workers compensation claim in NH can be complex and arbitrary. For this reason it can be beneficial to consult with an experienced workers comp law attorney.

Workers compensation is an option employees have when they are injured or become sick on the job. In Pelham, New Hampshire, individuals can file a claim for compensation that will apply to medical bills, prescriptions and time missed from work due to the injury/sickness. However, a workers compensation claim must be filed. For the first time filer, many questions can arise. Below are a few questions to help you understand what workers compensation covers and how the process works.Pelham Workers Compensation Lawyer NH

Do I need to alert by employer of the injury/sickness?

Yes. You must tell your employer of the sickness or injury right away so they can alert their workers compensation insurance company. A claim can be filed to begin the process to see if your injury or sickness that took place at work is approved or denied.

Can my employer fire me?

New Hampshire currently has no job security laws but is required to reinstate you to your position if you have been released by the treating physician within 18 months of the injury occurring.

Can I go to my doctor?

This will depend on the insurance company of your employer. If a managed care program is being used, you will have to choose a doctor within that network, which may not include your physician. If the company is not subject to managed care then you can choose whomever you like.

Will my employer pay for my prescriptions?

You will have to pay for your own prescriptions but should be reimbursed by the insurance carrier within 30 days of the receipt request. Prescriptions must be related to your injury and you must have your claim approved before you will be compensated.

How is the worker’s compensation rate figured?

Weekly compensation will be determined based on 60% of the average weekly pay. The average weekly amount is determined by adding the gross wages earned within a 26 week time frame up to 52 weeks before the injury took place. This total is then divided by the number of weeks to come to an average for weekly payments.

When does workers compensation begin?

Workers compensation is set to begin on the 4th day of the disability and subject to a period of three days. This time period is waived, however, if the disability is ongoing for a time period of 14 days or more or if the employee returns to working on alternative schedules temporarily within a five-day time frame.

Should I hire an attorney?

This is completely up to you. Many individuals choose to hire an attorney so they have someone on their side who knows the law and can assist with the claims process. You can choose to file a claim and represent yourself. The choice is in your hands.

If you choose to hire an attorney, be sure to consult with an individual who has experience in workers compensation cases. You want to have someone on your side who understands the employment laws of New Hampshire and can easily assist you with fighting for compensation due to an injury or sickness from work.

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