Workers Compensation Lawyer in Middlesex County MA

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Middlesex County MA

Worker Compensation Lawyer Middlesex County

Under the New Jersey Law, people living in Middlesex County now have the right to get total compensation from the accused when involved in an injury. As injuries cover a broad spectrum of cases, the severity of injuries varies from mild bruises, brain traumas, terminal illnesses, and death in rare cases.

Attorney Todd Beauregard is a workers compensation lawyer in Middlesex County and we employ proficient and skilled attorneys who are excellent at what they do.

What To Do If I Am Injured At Workplace?

After getting hurt at your workplace, the first and foremost thing to do is to write a formal application to your employer. This should be done in as little time as possible so that your employer knows your status and assigns you paid leaves for quick recovery. However, if your employer does not grant you leaves and asks you to be present at work despite the injury, you can file for workers compensation by getting in touch with  The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard.

The application you wrote to your employer will serve as the first evidence to be presented in front of the judge. This will help prove that you have been denied your fundamental rights and that you are entitled to full worker compensation benefits until you are ready to join again.

What To Do After the Accident?

It is significant for the victim first to see a medical practitioner to ensure that there is no serious harm to them. It is also advised for the employee to collect as much evidence from the accident site as possible so that the attorney can strengthen the case.

Even if it does not seem that you have suffered an injury after the accident, it is mandatory to get a medical checkup done as external bleeding often does not happen in concussions and brain traumas. It can result in permanent disability without shedding a drop of blood from your body.

The Massachusetts Worker Compensation Law Statute permits close family members to file a claim such as a spouse, children, or other heirs, including parents and siblings. With the help of legal assistance, you will be able to recover all economic damages, such as the employee’s lost income. Also, the court will impose a certain amount for the recovery of non-economic damages such as suffering and emotional trauma of suffering from an illness.

Why Choose Us?

Having obtained over millions in recovery for our clients, we are now known for taking over impossible cases and dealing with them using the best of our expertise. Worker Compensation can be obtained either from the insurance company, the manufacturer, or the employer.

To ensure the correct safety standards for Middlesex County, every citizen is responsible for reporting such cases and filing a claim. To know more about our services and our team of lawyers, call us now and book a free consultation.

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