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Workers’ Compensation FAQ’s in Lawrence MA

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What Does Workers Compensation Cover in Lawrence Massachusetts?

Massachusetts workers’ compensation laws require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance in Lawrence MA. If you are injured at your workplace or get ill when working, the insurance should pay for your medical expenses and lost wages as well as other relevant expenses. If injured, you should seek a consultation with a qualified and trusted lawyer who concentrates in the area of workers compensation law.Lawrence Workers Compensation Lawyer MA

Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Act was passed in 1911 by a federation supported by businesses. These businesses were trying to avoid costly and damaging law suits from injured employees. It is therefore in the interest of the employer to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve in case you are injured or get ill at your place of work.

Workers Compensation Coverage in Lawrence Massachusetts

Under Massachusetts workers’ compensation laws the benefits that an injured employee gets depends on the nature of his injuries. The benefits can range from full medical coverage to replacement of wages lost for the days the employee was not able to work due to his injuries.

The workers’ compensation operates on a no fault system. That means that the employee must be compensated if he sustains injuries at the workplace, whether it is his fault or not. Similarly, if you get sick while at work you should receive compensation for medical and other related expenses.

In Massachusetts the DIA (Department for Industrial Accidents) is the agency charged with the administration of workers’ compensation laws. The DIA requires all employers to cover all the costs related to the injury. This includes medical expenses, wages and other expenses such as travel costs where applicable.

Temporary and Total Incapacity: If you have a minor injury in Lawrence Massachusetts that incapacitates you for at least five days you are eligible for temporary and total incapacity benefits. The difference is calculated as the amount the employee was earning before the injury and the lesser amount they were earning when they were injured. You can continue to collect partial incapacity benefits for a maximum of four years.

Permanent and total incapacity: If you have been incapacitated for at least five days, and you cannot do any work-related tasks due to your injury, you are eligible for permanent and total incapacity. You should receive 2/3rd of what your wage is on an average week based on your earnings for the last 52 weeks prior to the injury. You can collect temporary total incapacity for a maximum of three years.

Partial Incapacity: If you sustain injuries and can continue working, but the injuries lead to loss of earnings you may be eligible for partial incapacity benefits. You may need to provide proof from a doctor. The benefits will be three quarters of your temporary and total incapacity benefits.

Permanent loss of Function: If you sustain injuries at your workplace or develop an illness that leads to loss of function or disfigurement of the body including the face, then you may be eligible for permanent loss of function and disfigurement benefits. You will receive medical cover as well as the wages lost when you were incapacitated. In addition, you will receive a onetime payment as compensation for your loss of function or disfigurement. If you have questions on the laws of workers compensation, contact workers compensation lawyer Todd Beauregard.

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