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With so many people already struggling in these uncertain economic times, having to deal with an injury on the job that forces them out of work is something that they can’t even imagine. Unfortunately, this doesn’t reduce the possibility that such an unfortunate incident could and does take place at any given time. If you find yourself in such a situation, let Haverhill, MA workers’ compensation lawyer Todd Beauregard help you. He can be reached by dialing 978-275-1919 today. Contact Us Today!


Workers Compensation in Massachusetts


For many years, companies not only in Massachusetts, but all over the rest of the country would not offer fair compensation to employees or their families in the case of a work related injury or even death. Therefore, workers’ compensation laws were established to ensure that these employees and their families were properly reimbursed for any medical bills and care, current and future lost wages, as well as benefits to those who lost a loved one as the result of a workplace accident.

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Haverhill MA

However, as with many other types of cases involving insurance settlements, they are often bogged down and delayed through various legal maneuvering and stall tactics. This is done because most people who have lost their income don’t have the means to go through an extended court battle so the companies can use this as a way to force the injured worker into settling for a much smaller payment package than they are entitled to. This is just one of the many reasons that you may need the services of a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer in Haverhill.

If you are moving forward with your claim and wondering where the proceedings will take place, Massachusetts workers’ comp cases are handled by the Department of Industrial Accidents Courts. The Lawrence office is the closest of the five statewide locations to Haverhill. Information regarding their business hours, phone number, address, and driving directions can all be found at their website.



Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer


There is no substitute for having a solid legal counsel when heading into a fight with an insurance company or employer who is trying to deny you the fair financial restitution you deserve. For local residents, Haverhill workers’ compensation lawyer Todd Beauregard is the right attorney for the task. His office number is 978-275-1919.

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