Workers Compensation Lawyer Danvers MA

Workers Compensation Laws Danvers MA

One of the most trying times a person will ever have to go through is dealing with a serious injury suffered on the job. When you are hurt, out of work, struggling to pay bills and expenses with no idea when you may be able, if ever, to return to your job, the emotional toll it takes can be just as devastating as the physical one. In situations like these, an experienced Danvers, MA workers’ compensation lawyer like attorney Todd Beauregard is who you need to call. He can be reached at 978-275-1919.Workers Compensation Lawyer in Danvers MA

Workers Compensation Guidelines in Massachusetts

As in every other state, Massachusetts has its own set of laws and guidelines which regulate workers’ compensation claims. These cases are handled through the Department of Industrial Accidents Courts. For those in Danvers, the nearest location would be the DIA Lawrence office. For specific information, including the address, hours of operation, phone number and driving directions, simply go to their website.


As far as the claims themselves go, there are several factors which may indicate the need for you to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Danvers. For instance, an employer may dispute the results of your case, leaving you without benefits while the appeal is pending. On the other hand, you yourself may dispute the ruling if you feel that it does not truly cover the pain and suffering you have experienced.

Other reasons that you might need a skilled attorney to help with your case include receiving the wrong benefits, having injuries that are so severe they require surgery, or the possibility that you may never return to your pre-injury health and physical condition. These are only a few examples of when someone should consider legal assistance.

Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer

Don’t be like so many others who simply allow an employer or the insurance company to take advantage of them during an already difficult time. Todd Beauregard has years of experience as a workers compensation lawyer in Danvers MA and he will fight to make sure that you and your family are properly taken care of. Get in touch with his offices today by dialing 978-275-1919.

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“After a injury at work, I needed months off and also help to pay for my medical bills. Attorney Beauregard was awesome in getting me and my family compensated and also paid wages.”

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