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Workers Compensation Lawyer for Chelmsford MA

One of the scariest things that someone will ever go through is the feeling of dread and anxiety which accompanies being hurt on the job. The fear of not knowing how you are going to pay the bills or feed your family can be crippling. Many people underestimate the emotional toll this can take on a person while focusing only on the physical. Chelmsford, MA workers’ compensation lawyer Todd Beauregard knows these things all too well.

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Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

The sad truth is that so many times people are so worried about providing for their family and covering their expenses that they agree to settlements which are significantly less than what they are entitled to. The insurance companies know this and they take full advantage of it.

In the most extreme cases where a worker has died due to injuries suffered while at work, they may even take advantage

workers compensation lawyer Chelmsford MA

of the grief and mounting expenses of the family to finalize an agreement much lower than what they should be offering. In these cases, partnering up with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chelmsford is crucial to making sure that you receive exactly what you are entitled to.

In most cases, however, the person who suffers injuries at work will survive, but there may be limitations as to how much they can recover, as well as whether or not they will ever be able to work a regular job again. There is also the possibility that an employer will dispute any rulings. All of these situations require legal assistance.

Cases such as these are heard at Department of Industrial Accident Courthouses in Massachusetts. Of the five locations in the state, the Lawrence office is the closest to Chelmsford. Their hours, phone number, as well as address and driving directions can be found online.

Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer

These types of cases can become very ugly, very quickly. Even long-time employees who have had a great relationship with their employer can suddenly find that they are not the valued and respected worker that they thought they were. In these times it is necessary to find someone who will fight for you. Chelmsford workers’ compensation lawyer Todd Beauregard is just that person. He can be reached at 978-275-1919.

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