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How to File a Workers Compensation Claim Carlisle Massachusetts

Suffering an injury at work means that you may qualify for worker’s compensation. In Carlisle, Massachusetts, worker’s compensation covers a number of subjects including medical bills, prescriptions, lost wages and more. If you have never filed a worker’s compensation claim before, you may be at a loss as to where to start. Below is a short guide on what to do and how to file your claim. Attorney Todd Beauregard is a workers compensation lawyer serving in Carlisle Massachusetts and can guide you through a workers compensation claim.Workers Compensation Lawyer in Carlisle MA

What to do first

Once you are injured on the job, you must report the injury to your employer immediately. Do not wait. Tell them right away even if the issue does not seem serious at the time. Later on, you may develop more symptoms. Receive medical treatment for the injury even if you must leave work. Document everything that takes place. Report the injury to your employer in writing and keep a copy of this information. Get a copy of anything that you are asked to sign by your employer.

Keep track of any eye witnesses, including writing down names and contact information. Journal what happened and what has taken place, including daily symptoms, doctor’s visits, etc. If you are a member of a union, alert your union representative of the injury.

Filing a Claim

When filing a worker’s compensation claim, you will be filling out an Employee Claim Form 110. This form has several boxes that need information but you may be unsure how to fill out each box. You can contact the Department of Industrial Accidents for assistance when filling out the claim or hire an attorney to help you with the claims process, if you feel legal assistance is needed.

The form will require your full name, contact information, number of dependents, native language, employer information including location and employer’s worker’s compensation insurance company. The date of the injury needs to be listed along with when you received medical treatment and when the last day was that you were at work. The nature of the injury or illness needs to be described as well so the claim can be evaluated and approved or denied.

Approval and Denial

Your claim can be approved or denied based on your individual case. If approved, you will receive compensation based on what was approved, which can include medical bills, prescription costs, driving cost to and from medical facilities, lost wages (partial) and more.

If your case is denied, you can contact the Department of Industrial Accidents and request assistance or contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in worker’s compensation cases. If you hire an attorney, be sure to choose an office that works in this area of law. Attorneys with worker’s compensation experience will know just what to do to help you fight for compensation, if they feel you have a case.

Overall, it is important to contact your employer as soon as the injury occurs to begin the claims process. Even if denied, you still have the ability to fight for your case. File a claim with your employer and see additional assistance if you are denied compensation the first time.

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