Worker Compensation in Lawyer Bristol County

Worker Compensation Law in Bristol County

In Massachusetts, laws have been designed so that you have your rights well-protected. These laws ensure maximum security for the employees at their workplace by making the employers aware of their responsibilities. However, there is a multitude of situations when things can go wrong, and employees can file a claim for worker compensation. Some of these examples are having a car accident in the company’s vicinity and being exposed to certain chemicals at the workplace. Attorney Todd Beauregard is a workers compensation lawyer in Bristol County Massachusetts. Workers Comp Lawyer in Bristol County

If you are working at a company where you regularly interact with chemicals such as benzene or asbestos, you may suffer from severe pulmonary infections such as lung cancer, asthma, and bronchitis. For any injury that takes place at your workplace or when you are traveling for work-related tasks, you can file a worker compensation claim.

What Do We Do

To make your case strong in front of the authorities, you need to have a worker compensation attorney from The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard. They can help you navigate through the whole process and prove the employer’s negligence using their expertise in the respective field. The attorney will help you make a strong case and prove that the accused bears the responsibility for acting in a way that is threatening to his employees and their health. If so, the accused is entitled to severe legal consequences. Furthermore, your attorney is responsible for making sure that the employer is proven to have breached his obligation of maintaining safety protocols that resulted in causing harm to you.

In many car accident cases, it is possible that reasons, apart from the other driver, are rendered responsible for the accident. This could include streetlights not functioning appropriately, a faulty traffic signal, or a disorganized road. It is also possible that the accident occurred due to mechanical faults in the vehicle. In those cases, it will be our utmost priority to get you the maximum compensation from the insurance companies, as we are well aware of the unfair advantage they try to gain over the victimized party.

What Should You Do

After a car accident, the first thing to do is to call the police immediately and file a car accident report. However, in case of chemical exposure, it is recommended to have regular medical workups so that any such problem can be diagnosed at an early stage. It is also vital to gather all the hospital visit records, prescriptions, and reports if the case investigators and the court need them.

With the support of The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard and having the necessary evidence, you will be able to put forward a strong case, which will maximize your chances of the highest compensation. To speak with a workers compensation lawyer in Bristol County, Call 978-275-1919 for a Free Consultation.

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