Nursing Home Abuse Laws in MA & NH

The Law Offices of Todd D. Beauregard, P.C. is a personal injury lawyer in Lowell MA & Nashua NH. Attorney Beauregard can help you understand the issues related to abuse on a loved one by a nursing home. By applying your unique facts to the statutory and judge made law we can help clients who are injured by nursing homes explore their options for remedies.Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Lowell MA & Nashua NH

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Nursing Home Expectations

A nursing home by design is intended to be a nice quiet convalescent rest home with skilled nursing that provides intermediate care for the elderly. Many of our older Americans need constant care that is provided by skilled nurses to help them in daily life. Many times nursing aides and skilled nurses are usually available 24 hours a day.

Unexpected Nursing Home Abuse

However noble this occupation may be there are many deficiencies in nursing homes today and many of these skilled professionals may not be very professional all. Nursing care aids shortage in staff and there are many cases of theft, physical abuse and even sexual abuse.  There is an expectation of trust that needs to be upheld and professional nursing home care givers sometimes break that trust and may be accused of nursing home abuse. These care givers need to be held accountable for their actions. Often times the elderly are physically and sometimes mentally incapable, suffering from alzheimers and other illnesses. Being abused and taken advantaged of with no means of defending themselves can be a frustrating and cruel thing to endure.

Nursing home residents have legal rights! They deserve a better quality of life.

If you believe you have a loved one that is suffering from the negligence of a nursing home and being abused then you should speak to a qualified attorney. Stop the abuse and hold the abuser accountable. Your loved one may also be entitled to compensation and a settlement.

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