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Divorce is a complex and emotional process, and if you're facing it in Dunstable, MA, you don't have to go through it alone. A divorce lawyer in Dunstable, MA, can provide invaluable guidance and support as you navigate the legal aspects of your separation.

At The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard, we understand the challenges of divorce. We have extensive experience in Massachusetts family law and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve fair and positive outcomes.Divorce Lawyer in Dunstable, MA

The Grounds for Divorce in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a no-fault divorce state. This means that neither party needs to prove the other spouse is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. You can file for divorce based on one of the following grounds:

Irretrievable Breakdown: This is the most common ground for divorce in Massachusetts. It simply means that the marriage is irretrievably broken, and there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation.

Absence for One Year: You may file for divorce if your spouse has been absent for at least one year with no intention of returning.

Impotence: This is a rarely used ground for divorce that applies when one spouse is physically incapable of consummating the marriage.

Cruel and Abusive Treatment: You may file for divorce on this ground if your spouse has subjected you to physical or emotional cruelty that makes it unreasonable to continue living together.

Division of Assets and Debts

Massachusetts law calls for an equitable, though not necessarily equal, division of marital property. This includes both assets and debts accrued during the marriage​.

A divorce lawyer in Dunstable, MA, can help you identify and value all marital assets and debts, including:

Real estate (home, vacation property)

Bank accounts and investment accounts

Retirement accounts (401(k), IRA)


Business interests

Personal property

Child Custody and Support

If you have minor children, child custody and support will be a significant aspect of your divorce. Massachusetts courts prioritize the "best interests of the child" when determining custody arrangements.

Custody arrangements can be:

Sole custody: One parent has primary responsibility for the child, and the other parent has visitation rights.

Shared custody: Both parents share physical and legal custody of the child.

Alimony (Spousal Support)

Alimony, often referred to as spousal support, involves financial payments ordered by a court from one spouse to another and is aimed at sustaining the recipient's standard of living post-divorce.

The following factors are considered when determining alimony:

The length of the marriage

The income and earning capacity of each spouse

The needs of each spouse

The contributions made by each spouse to the marriage

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