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Navigating Divorce: A Guide With the Support of a Trusted Divorce Lawyer in Concord, Massachusetts

Facing a divorce can be overwhelming, filled with emotional turmoil and complex legal issues. If you’re considering divorce in Concord, MA, you’re not alone. Many navigate this path each year, and understanding the legal landscape of divorce in your area is crucial.

Grounds for Divorce in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a no-fault divorce state. This means you don’t need to prove your spouse’s infidelity or misconduct to file for divorce. However, there are grounds for divorce you can cite in your petition. These include:

Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage (most common)

Absence for one year with no knowledge of the spouse’s whereabouts

Impotence at the time of marriage, unknown to the other spouse

A spouse sentenced to imprisonment for more than five years

No-Fault vs. Fault-Based Divorce: Considerations in Concord

While Massachusetts is a no-fault state, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing between filing for divorce based on fault or no-fault grounds. Consulting with The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard, your trusted divorce lawyer in Concord, MA, can help you navigate these considerations and determine the most suitable approach for your specific situation. We will guide you through the legal process and advocate for your best interests throughout the divorce proceedings.

Key Aspects of Divorce Law in Concord, MA

Several crucial aspects of divorce law in Concord, MA, have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. These include:

Division of Assets and Debts: Massachusetts adheres to equitable distribution, meaning assets and debts acquired during the marriage are divided fairly, not necessarily equally.

Spousal Support (Alimony): A court may award alimony based on several factors, including the length of the marriage, income disparity, and the need for one spouse to maintain a comparable standard of living.

Child Custody and Support: Child custody determinations prioritize the child’s best interests. The court considers factors like each parent’s parenting capabilities, the child’s relationship with each parent, and the child’s age and needs. Child support is calculated based on a statutory formula that considers both parents’ incomes.

Our skilled divorce lawyers in Concord, MA, will be well-versed in these aspects and ensure your rights are protected during negotiations or litigation related to property division, alimony, and child custody and support.

The Importance of Legal Representation During Divorce

Divorce can be emotionally charged, making it difficult to make clear-headed decisions. Our experienced divorce lawyers in Concord, MA, will provide invaluable support throughout the process. We can:

Guide you through the legal complexities of divorce.

Advise you on the most advantageous course of action.

Represent you in negotiations or court proceedings.

Advocate for your financial security and parental rights.

Ensure a fair and efficient resolution to your case.

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About Concord Massachusetts

Concord Massachusetts has a little over 16,000 people living in the town and community. This town has been considered the \”birthplace\” of the USA because that\’s where the revolutionary war started. The minute men organized their militia and took on the British there. There is a Paul Revere monument to his actions during this time. Concord Massachusetts is a close commute to Boston and has a great small-town life. There are plenty of stores and businesses. Concord MA also has a great public and private school system, several churches and a park and recreation area. A couple nice ponds and streams too, and Hanscom AFB is nearby.


Concord Massachusetts District Court

District Court of Central Middlesex Concord District Court

Formal Name of Courthouse:         

Trial Court of Commonwealth

Concord Division

District Court Department


Concord District Court

305 Walden Street

Concord, MA 01742-3616

Disability Access:

Any person with a disability needing an accommodation to access the programs and services at this court location should contact the ADA Coordinator for this court. Please follow this link for a complete listing of ADA Coordinators.

Hours of Operation:  8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M

Directions to Concord Court House: Click Here

Phone Numbers:      

Main Number (978) 369-0500

Chief Probation Officer (978) 369-0500 Ext 650

Clerk’s Office (978) 369-0500 Ext 626

Switchboard (978) 369-0500 Ext 600

Lobby (978) 369-0500 Ext 612, 667

Mailing Address Non-Criminal Pleading:

Clerk’s Office

305 Walden Street

Concord, MA 01742-3616

Mailing Address Criminal Pleadings:       

Clerk’s Office

305 Walden Street

Concord, MA 01742-3616

Fax Numbers:           

Judge’s Lobby (978) 369-8976

Probation Department (978) 371-9919

Clerk’s Office (978) 371-2945

Does the Court Receive Filings By Fax?   No

Is E-Filing Available?           No 

The Cities and Towns That Are in the Court’s Jurisdiction

Middlesex County









Resource Links To:

Judge’s Lobby

Clerk’s Office

Probation Department

Other General Information

Other Courts in Middlesex County: Framingham District Court; Lowell District Court; Newton District Court; Woburn District Court; Cambridge District Court; Marlborough District Court; Middlesex Superior Court; Natick District Court; Somerville District Court; Waltham District Court; Malden District Court; Ayer District Court

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