Divorce Lawyer in Belmont, MA

A Guide to Divorce With a Divorce Lawyer in Belmont, MA

Going through a divorce can be a deeply emotional and confusing experience. If you're facing marital dissolution in Belmont, MA, you don't have to navigate the legal complexities alone. At The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard, our skilled divorce lawyers in Belmont, MA, can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the process.Divorce Lawyer in Belmont, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Divorce Laws

Massachusetts is a no-fault divorce state. This means that neither party needs to prove the other spouse is responsible for the breakdown of the marriage to obtain a divorce. However, there are still several legal steps involved, and the division of assets, alimony, and child custody arrangements require careful consideration.

Here's an overview of some key aspects of divorce law in Belmont, MA:

Division of Assets

In Massachusetts, the division of assets and debts acquired during a marriage is handled through equitable distribution, which seeks a fair but not necessarily equal allocation between spouses. This process considers factors like the length of the marriage, each spouse's contribution to the marital estate, and their current financial needs. Our divorce lawyers in Belmont, MA, can help you understand your rights and advocate for a fair division of assets.


Spousal support, or alimony, may be awarded to one spouse to help maintain their standard of living after the divorce. The duration and amount of alimony are determined by the court based on several factors, including the length of the marriage, the income disparity between the spouses, and the receiving spouse's ability to become self-supporting.

Child Custody and Support

If you have children, child custody and support arrangements are crucial aspects of your divorce. Massachusetts courts prioritize the "best interests of the child" when determining custody arrangements. This might involve a sole custody agreement to one parent, shared custody, or visitation rights. Child support is calculated using a formula that considers both parents' income and the child's needs.

How a Divorce Lawyer in Belmont, MA, Can Help

The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard understands the emotional and financial toll that divorce can take. Our experienced divorce lawyers in Belmont, MA, can provide comprehensive legal representation throughout the divorce process, including:

Case Evaluation and Guidance: We will carefully review your situation, explain the legal options available, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Negotiation and Mediation: Our team can represent you in negotiations with your spouse or their attorney to reach amicable agreements on property division, alimony, and child custody. We are also skilled in mediation, which can provide a more collaborative approach to resolving disputes.

Litigation: If a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, we will advocate for your rights in court. Our divorce lawyers in Belmont, MA, have extensive experience representing clients in divorce proceedings.

If you are facing a divorce in Belmont, MA, don't go through it alone. Contact The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard today to schedule a consultation with a compassionate and experienced divorce lawyer in Belmont, MA. We are here to help you navigate the legal complexities of divorce and protect your rights.

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