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The Law Office of Todd Beauregard offer litigation representation in Nashua NH. Attorney Beauregard concentrates on all areas of Litigation Law in New Hampshire.

If you are facing a possible civil litigation case in Nashua New Hampshire you should consult attorney Todd D. Beauregard for a free consultation. Attorney Beauregard will guide and provide options for you in any civil dispute you may be facing. Many people find the thought of litigation overwhelming and a daunting task.Civil Litigation Lawyer in Nashua NH

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is the branch of law dealing with disputes between individuals and organizations where compensation may be awarded. Civil law differs from criminal law. Civil law is more resolving disputes whereas criminal has an emphasis on a punishment factor. The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard has settled many types of civil litigation cases with great success.

Should I Hire a Litigation Lawyer?

A civil litigation suit can be a complex process. Litigating a case on your own can cost you more than if you had hired an attorney.  An experienced litigation lawyer who understands the laws can often strengthen your case. Whether you are facing a construction litigation dispute over a new building or a business contract, the law office of Todd Beauregard can assist you through the process.

If you have questions pertaining to civil law in New Hampshire and are not sure what to do, then we encourage you to call our office. Civil litigation lawyer Todd Beauregard in Nashua offers free consultations.

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Nashua District Court

25 Walnut Street

Nashua, New Hampshire 03060

(603) 880-3333 – criminal

(603) 880-3330 – juvenile

(603) 880-3336 – civil            

Hillsborough County Probate Court

30 Spring Street

P.O. Box

Nashua, New Hampshire 03061-6015

(603) 882-1231

Hillsborough County Superior Court

Southern District

30 Spring Street

P.O. Box 2072

Nashua, New Hampshire 03061-2072

(603) 883-6461            

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