Child Removal Out of State in MA

The Law Offices of Todd D. Beauregard, P.C. help you gather the critical information regarding the issues related to removal of children from Massachusetts and NH. We work with parents facing divorce who are concerned about their children being relocated. Only when the facts are known, can we suggest the options so our clients can evaluate and decide how the best results can be achieved. This process requires trained professionals who are skilled to work with the other spouse, so that all the options are explored. Removal Out of State Lawyer in Massachusetts

Removal Out of State FAQ”s

What does the term, “removal” mean?

Taking a child from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to another state, or country, on a permanent-type basis.

What if I just move to an adjacent state?           

Removal applies to situations where children move to New York State as much as it applies where children move to California.

What does “clear advantage” mean?

Depending on circumstances, a parent seeking to remove a child must show that there is a clear advantage in doing so. This is generally a hotly contested matter.

What do I have to prove to show the best interests of the child is being served?

A long list of factors the judge finds applicable to the particular child must show the child’s best interests are being served, or, are likely to be served by either allowing the child to go, or, by not allowing the child to be removed.

If my child lives with my ex-spouse in another state for more than 6 months, what can I do?

Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will lose its jurisdictional power over the child, which is the child’s new state of residence law could control.

Are “removal” cases difficult for a Judge to decide?

Most legal professionals say removal cases are the most difficult of all decisions for a judge to make. This is because the judge is placed in a position of having to decide where the child is better off living, knowing one of the parties’ relationships is at risk of being permanently disrupted.

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