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The Law Offices of Todd D. Beauregard, P.C. help you gather the critical information regarding the issues related to open adoption in Massachusetts & New Hampshire. Only when the facts of your case and the law are known, can we suggest the options so our clients can evaluate and decide how the best results can be achieved. This process requires trained professionals who are skilled to work with adoption agencies and the maternal or paternal parents so that our client can make their most informed decision. The law office has 5 convenient locations in Lowell MA, North Andover MA, Boston MA, Concord MA & Nashua NH.Adoption Lawyer in Lowell MA & Nashua NH

Adoption FAQ’S

I want to adopt a child, what do I do?

While there are many options, one could consider hiring a legal professional to understand the rights, duties and responsibilities involved in an adoption. 

I want to adopt a child relative, but the child’s parent is not agreeable, now what?

A parent of a child has a very strong legal right to parent his or her child, so there must be some reasons presented to a court justifying a change in child custody. 

What does “unfit parent” mean?

There is no simple answer, the phrase describes the inability of a parent to properly raise their child, but it must be said this phrase cannot be clearly defined. 

What does termination of parental rights mean?

Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it means a parent of child no longer maintains his legal rights to parent his or her child.

What if I am a grandparent and wish to adopt my grandson/granddaughter?

It is entirely possible that adoption or a guardianship will be appropriate to your unique circumstances.

Where can I learn more about adoption?         

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