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Workers Compensation Lawyer for Middleton, MA

One of the saddest things that go on in today’s workforce is when an employee is hurt while performing their job duties and their employer or insurance carrier refuses to offer them a reasonable settlement claim for their injuries. Todd Beauregard is a workers compensation lawyer serving in Middleton MA. Attorney Beauregard has seen this scenario play out far too many times. If you find yourself in a similar situation, give him a call at 978-275-1919 to learn how he may be able to help.

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Middleton MA

Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

The laws set up to protect workers in the state of Massachusetts are very clear. Employers must carry insurance for employee accident and injury claims. Failure to do so is punishable by various fines and penalties. This insurance is to cover any medical expenses and treatment, lost income (present and future), as well as payment to the family in the unfortunate case of a workplace related death.

Although these laws are crystal clear, that doesn’t mean that these companies won’t fight tooth and nail to avoid paying out what is rightfully owed to you or your family. They may dispute the decision of the courts, forcing you to retain the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer in Middleton or anywhere else the case may be pending.

This strategy is highly effective in many cases as most people who are hurt and not receiving income can’t hold out for a lengthy court battle. Other reasons that you might need an attorney include not receiving the proper benefits, injuries requiring surgery, as well as a long term disability which hinders you from working a normal job in the future.

For these cases specifically, the Department of Industrial Accidents Courthouse is where they will be heard. Middleton residents are located nearest to the Lawrence office. Their address, business hours, phone number and driving directions can all be found by visiting them online.

Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer

Don’t let an insurance provider or even your employer get away with trying to undercut the financial restitution that they owe you following a workplace accident. If you feel the slightest bit as though their offer to you is unfair, give Middleton workers’ compensation lawyer Todd Beauregard and his team of talented legal experts a call today at 978-275-1919.


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“After falling off an old weak ladder at work, i was out of work for months. I am glad I called an attorney to help with getting me medical assistance and compensation for the time i was out. Thanks to Beauregard law I am better physically and emotionally.”

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