New Workers Comp Laws in Massachusetts 2023

New Workers Compensation Laws in Massachusetts

The new workers’ compensation laws in Massachusetts went into effect on January 1, 2023. The new laws make a number of changes to the state’s workers’ compensation system, including:

  • Increasing the maximum weekly benefit amount from $1,100 to $1,200.
  • Expanding the definition of “occupational disease” to include certain conditions that were previously not covered, such as repetitive stress injuries.
  • Increasing the amount of time that an injured worker can receive temporary total disability benefits from 260 weeks to 300 weeks.
  • Making it easier for injured workers to get medical treatment by allowing them to see any doctor they choose, rather than being limited to a list of doctors approved by their employer.
  • Requiring employers to provide more information to injured workers about their rights and benefits.

The new laws are designed to make the workers’ compensation system more fair and equitable for injured workers. They are also expected to reduce the number of lawsuits filed by injured workers against their employers.

If you have been injured on the job, it is important to know your rights and benefits under the new workers’ compensation laws. You should contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss your case and get the help you need.

Massachusetts also recently introduced legislation for employees to be reimbursed for their medical marijuana-related costs.

Massachusetts had also recently introduced legislation that would require worker’s compensation insurers to reimburse employees for medical marijuana-related costs. Specifically, the bill states that insurers must pay for reasonable and necessary medical marijuana expenses related to a workplace injury, as long as the employee has a valid medical marijuana registration card.

This legislation would be a significant change for injured workers who use medical marijuana to manage pain and other symptoms related to their injury. Prior to this bill, injured workers in Massachusetts were not guaranteed reimbursement for medical marijuana expenses, and some insurers have denied claims for reimbursement.

The bill is seen as a positive development for employees who rely on medical marijuana, as it provides them with greater access to the treatment they need to manage their conditions. However, the bill is not without controversy. Some opponents argue that medical marijuana should not be covered by worker’s compensation insurance, as it remains illegal at the federal level.

Despite these concerns, the bill has received support from a variety of groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities. Supporters argue that medical marijuana can be a safe and effective alternative to opioid painkillers, which have been linked to a growing epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths.

It’s important to note that this bill is still in the legislative process and has not yet been signed into law. However, if it does pass, it could have significant implications for injured workers in Massachusetts who rely on medical marijuana to manage their conditions.

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